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Kanye West’s Rep Denies Rumors of Super Bowl Ejection Over Taylor Swift Encounter


Kanye West and one of his Close Associates are shutting down Brandon Marshall’s claims about that the rapper was kicked out of the Super Bowl due to his proximity to Taylor Swift the former NFL Stars account of the events surrounding ye and Super Bowl 58 earlier

This week were picked up by a number of outlets however on Wednesday February 14th a rep for the Chicago native shut down the rumor in a statement to hipop DX that reads this is a completely fabricated story it’s not true John Monopoly yes former manager who was

Present at the event also disputed the gossip soon after it began making the rounds online in the comment section of a Hollywood unlocked post about the alleged incidents he wrote this is not true during an interview on the paper rout podcast earlier this week Marshall said the flashing lights hitmaker had

Bought a ticket directly in front of Swift’s Booth to get in on her airtime which enraged the pop star Kanye West pulls up to Vegas Kanye West buys a ticket to ride in front of Katy Perry’s Booth so anytime they were going to be showing Katy Perry

Kanye’s face was going to be there the former Denver Bronco said Kanye West’s frame job made Taylor Swift move to a foreign country related news Kanye West’s frame job made Taylor Swift move to a foreign country December 6 2023 Marshall then realized he had mistaken Perry for Taylor Swift who was

Famously interrupted by West at the 2009 MTV VMAs and has had a complicated relationship with the rapper ever since he’s got a mask on with his logo on the mask typical Kanye he continued Taylor Swift gets pissed off she boom boom makes a call or two everybody’s involved

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He gets kicked out the stadium he was trying to leverage her celebrity that’s what he tried to do he tried to sit in front of Taylor Swift despite Marshall’s claims Kanye West was seen several times inside Allegiance stadium in Las Vegas where the Super Bowl at one point linking up with Ty

Doas sign and Anderson Pock in a luxury Suite in a clip of Kanye hanging out with the silk Sonic star the TV in the background shows the game is already in the third quarter proving that West was present for at least the larger portion of the matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs

And the San Francisco 49ers

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