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Freeway Reflects on Fifth Anniversary of Life Saving Kidney Transplant


Freeway has been reflecting on undergoing a life-saving kidney transplant 5 years ago after an extended battle with kidney failure the former rockefella rapper was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2015 and later had to undergo an organ transplant 3 years later now 5 years on from getting a new

Kidney the rap veteran is celebrating life he wrote on Instagram a longside pictures of himself in hospital undergoing treatment grateful to God as I celebrate my fifth kidney anniversary on February 5th 2019 I received the Incredible Gift of Life a new kidney 5 years on I’m still going

Strong my battle with kidney failure and dialysis inspired me to launch Freedom thinkers Academy today the company is thriving empowering and graduating students turning adversity into opportunity has been my greatest achievement if you’re facing renal failure and dialysis remember there is hope keep your faith in God and stay focused

Freeway has also said that every Monday he will be sharing his experience of kidney failure and Dialysis in an Instagram live stream in an attempt to raise awareness about the condition the rapper has been an advocate for awareness of kidney failure since his diagnosis almost a decade ago after

Being initially fearful of revealing his health problems they was like yo you shouldn’t do this you shouldn’t say this we just have to deal with this amongst ourselves freeway remembered of his team’s advice at the time they said to keep it to myself so I wouldn’t look

Weak hide it from people because I’m a celebrity a lot of people felt like I shouldn’t be so open and letting people know what’s going on a majority of rappers are black men especially in the ’90s and early 2000s and black men wanted to seem like nothing can affect

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Them like they Invincible freeway continued nobody wanted to show any weakness he added I felt it was more important for me to spread the knowledge than to portray being Invincible that’s why I wanted to get in front of it because it affects African-Americans and I’m happy I did

Kidney failure has a higher rate of accurance among black and South Asian people with causes including diabetes and high blood pressure

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