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Fivio Foreign Stands by Tory Lanez, Questions Megan Thee Stallion’s Shooting Story


Fido forign has doubled down on his support of Tor Lanz and accused Megan the stallion of lying about her shooting appearing on math Hoff’s popular my expert Opinion podcast the New York drill artist shared his thoughts after one of the show’s co-hosts brought up the beef between

Megan and Nicki Minaj fivo said I with Tori I know Tori as a real person in my eyes I don’t even know if Tori have any guns I know him I know his person personality I don’t see him as that type of person I wasn’t there I’m not a

Lawyer or no scientist but if somebody said they got shot and there’s no hole in their body then they didn’t get shot we all know that but we know how this go he later added I’m not saying she lying but if it was a lie then she

Threw a man’s life away that’s crazy I wasn’t there I don’t know the logistics of it cuz I don’t even look at the story that much fivio who had previously shown his support posting free Tor on X formerly Twitter also took Nikki’s side in the beef but said that he liked them

Exchanging diss tracks Chris Brown and Aiden Ross also recently threw their support behind Lanz who is currently Behind Bars after being convicted of shooting the Texan rapper on a recent live stream Ross said he went crazy free my boy man free Tori in the chat bro free Tori he’s real as

He literally called me randomly on my birthday and just said happy birthday bro I couldn’t forget I was like Wow Brown added he a solid dude I with Tori Lena has recently attempted to get his conviction thrown out after hiring new legal representation and petitioning the judge for a

Resentencing the filing contains a number of other arguments including that tor’s childhood trauma should be considered by the appell at court and that his stat as a non-american citizen who now faces deportation to Canada counts as discrimination Lena bodyguard who did not testify during the trial also came

Out and claimed he did not see who fired the gun during the

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