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Snoop Dogg and Master P Sue Walmart and Post Brands Over Alleged Cereal Sabotage


Snoop Dogg and Master P are suing Walmart and postc consumer brands for allegedly sabotaging their serial brand in a lawsuit filed by Snoop and Masterpiece company brought US Foods they claimed post ensured that Snoop cereal would not be available to Consumers the two claimed the move was retaliation for refusing to sell their

Company to post and have hired prominent civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump to take on the retail conglomerates according to billboard in the complaint filed on Tuesday February 6th Crump claimed essentially because Snoop Dog and master refused to sell Snoop cereal in totality post entered a false Arrangement where they could choke

Broadest Foods out of the market thereby preventing Snoop cereal from being sold or produced by any competitor Snoop and Master P founded the serial brand in 2022 approaching post shortly afterwards about a production and distribution partnership post allegedly attempted to buy the company outright but the offer was

Refused with the two part parties later agreeing to a deal where post would treat Snoop cereal as one of their own Brands and distribute it to various retailers including Walmart the lawsuit claims that post had no intention of honoring the partnership the claim further alleges that the cereal which was sold in

Walmart for a period was a successful product but the retailer systems would falsely show that the breakfast food was out of stock the legal filing claims that Walmart stores did have stock of Snoop cereal but it was not being displayed for customers it also accuses post and Walmart of a

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Conspiracy to collude against brus Foods While most of the lawsuit was targeted at post Walmart was also named as a defendant with the supermarket chain accused of working with post to stop boxes of Snoop cereal from appearing on their shelves in response to the lawsuit Walmart issued a statement affirming

Their support for small businesses and offering an alternate reason as to why sales of Snoop cereal might be slow Walmart values our relationships with our supp suppliers and we have a strong history of supporting entrepreneurs reads the statement many factors affect the sales of Any Given product including

Consumer demand seasonality and price to name a few we will respond as appropriate with the court once we are served with the complaint post has yet to respond to the lawsuit while Snoop has not addressed the lawsuit Master P appeared to reference their filing on social media

Where he said we are building a family brand Dr Martin Luther King showed us how to dream fought racism and guess what we’re doing the same in Corporate America for equal rights for everybody in related news late last summer P was briefly questioned by police officers after stopping by a

Local Walmart to inspect Snoop cereals positioning at the store the No Limit Records founder went to pick up a couple boxes of Snoop cereal over the weekend when two police officers approached him to find out what’s going on P responded by saying he was simply checking my trap

Out his legit trap he was quick to add before launching into a spiel about his groundbreaking serious

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