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Quando Rondo Arrested for DUI and Reckless Driving Linked to Summer Car Crash


Quando Rondo has been arrested in Savannah Georgia for driving under the influence and reckless driving in connection to a car crash he was involved with Last Summer according to wotc his attorney Jonah Pine confirmed that the arrest is connected to a car crash in chadam County on July 19th of

Last year Rondo whose real name is tiquan Bowman was reportedly seen speeding before crashing into another car he was also allegedly showing signs of an overdose for which medical professionals at the scene administered Naran to the rapper at the time of the crash Ronda was already on Bond on drug and gang

Charges prior to this latest arrest the rapper was already facing up to 20 years in prison after he was arrested in December for conspiring with others to possess and distribute drugs including methamphetamine fentanyl cocaine and marijuana Ronda was also charged on 14 counts in total including possession of

A firearm in further of a drug trafficking crime possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and conspiracy to interfere with Commerce by robbery the ABG rapper was previously arrested in June 2023 and charged with two counts of conspiracy to violate georg’s Controlled Substances law one count of participating in criminal

Activity affiliated with a street game and one count of illegal use of a cell phone to facilitate a drug deal most controversially quando Rondo was involved in the altercation with King Von that resulted in the rapper’s death Rondo and Von’s respective Crews got into a fight in Atlanta with Von shot

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And killed during the melee he has repeatedly stated that he and his crew were acting in self-defense and has publicly supported LOL tum who was charged with the murder before the charges were dropped two other people were killed in the confrontation while six were injured Ronda later compared

The night to the war in Afghanistan after he was accused of snatching Bond’s chain while he lay on the ground it’s like being in Afghanistan and Two Soldiers shooting it out with two other soldiers and a bag of money in the middle of the ground he said you think

People in the middle of a shootout are you think so many bullets flying you think you’ll think about that bag of

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