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Grammy Awards Face Criticism for Lack of Tribute to Harry Belafonte and Other Legends


In 2023 we said goodbye to several music icons including 96-year-old Harry bellafante the late recording artist was best known for Deo the Banana Boat Song though he also contributed significantly to activist movements around the globe his work was sampled on several occasions in popular hip-hop releases

And he continues to be recognized as one of the few black creatives to achieve egot status when it came time for the annual Grammy Awards this month many expected to see the show pay tribute to Bellon for all his contributions unfortunately for them Bellon only briefly came up during the

Inmemoriam segment but failed to give any further acknowledgement as we saw other artists receive love at at Stony Benet love at Tina Turner love at Sadia coner why the at recording Academy chose not to do a special tribute to you I will # never understand the Legends daughter Gina bellafonte wrote on

Facebook earlier this week here is my grammy tribute to you Dad so many winners you’ve mentored so many winners you shared your stage with you are the winner at the bellant and we are better because of your contribution she continued giving her late father his well-deserved flowers Harry bellante’s daughter honors

Him bellante’s career breakthrough album Calypso 1956 was the first million selling LP by a single artist Gina reminded readers online as all hip hop notes another of Harry’s daughters Sher bellafonte aired her grievances with the Grammys too while no doubt Tony Bennett and Tina Turner were special indeed Harry

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Contributed far more to society and the music industry than those two put together in my humble opinion the Grammys missed a major moment Harry bellafonte isn’t the only celebrity who seemingly got snubbed by the Grammy Awards sca’s fan base was out red after the TD SI missed out on taking Home

Album of the year but for her part she’s taking the loss with Grace only way from up is higher she declared following the ceremony read more about that at the link below and check back later for more hip hop poopculture newss app

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