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Usher to Extend Super Bowl Halftime Show to 15 Minutes, Reflects on Vegas Residency Finale


Usher has revealed that his Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday will be 15 minutes long as opposed to the standard 13 minutes usually allotted for the halftime show I can’t explain why but it’s a funny thing that I was able to do in craft that was a huge strategic thing

That happened between me and my agency Usher said at the extended runtime furthermore Usher told Entertainment Weekly that he sees the Super Bowl halftime show as the finale of his Vegas residency which ended its 2-year run last year I went to Las Vegas with only the belief that people would

Come because nobody was going anywhere you have to understand how much of an unwavering belief a person had to have to put together a show after a year of nobody going anywhere and everybody being afraid to be outside for fear of catching covid or endangering themselves and their

Families so the fact that I did that was just truly a matter of belief and that belief was all positive Usher said Usher and others parody hangover to promote halftime show meanwhile Usher also joined a stacked cast in where’s Usher a short film from Apple music to promote his halftime

Performance in the 7-minute feature ludicrous Lil John and taji P Hensen have to track down usher in Vegas after losing him a The Hangover along the way the trio runs into Anderson pck the Blue Man Group Wesley Snipes Jay Balin Andre 3000’s voice and blanch as the short is pretty

Much a one colon one parody of The Hangover it of course ends with the trio finding Usher on the roof of their hotel and they are able to tell Apple CEO Tim Cook that the halftime show can go ahead as planned it’s a fairly amusing if crushingly corporate way to promote the halftime

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Show however at the end of the day fairly amusing but crushingly corporate is a pretty fitting description for existence in 2024 so maybe the Super Bowl is simply playing 4D ch

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