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Tiny Harris Shares Throwback Video of Son King Rapping Explicit Lyrics as a Child


King Harris is certainly no stranger to acting up online but it looks like his Antics began long before fans would expect earlier this week his mother tiny took to Instagram to share an old clip of her son terrorizing his grandmother by wrapping along to Bobby schur’s track

Hot and asterisk asterisk asterisk a in the clip his grandma is seen looking unamused as king spits the explicit lyrics as a shockingly young child why was it the uncore nextore king 10 terrorizing my mama like this tiny began her caption this why is a asterisk asterisk always wanted to be over there

Cuz Mama don’t know nothing about give me neck till I pass out Woman face palming medium skin tone face with tears of joy my wild card by far there’s always one in the family he got my red heart in a choke though King Harris wraps hot and asterisk asteris Gesa as a

Child the old clip has social media users split while some think it proves that he’s been standing on business since the beginning others think it shows that he should have been disciplined more as a kid the man is who he say he is one fan writes another says

Y’all can’t say bro acting he been on that someone else claims this is when he should have been getting disciplined this isn’t the first time tiny took to social media to show love to her son however in December after their Infamous Falcon game scuffle she shared a heartfelt message about King on

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Instagram man this little dude at theore nextore king1 has always been my sweetheart but a terror at the same time nah he ain’t FM the hood but unlike any of his siblings he stayed in trouble fighting all the damn time and four slap boxing in school every day like it was a

Sport she wrote but every parent with multi children know it’s always that one I’m truly blessed for mine what do you think of Tiny Harris sharing an old video of her son King acting up was he standing on business even back then share your thoughts in the comment section down below

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