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Hit Boy Supports Beyoncé Amid Country Music Controversy, ‘Real Country’


Hit booy is coming to Beyonce’s defense against those who don’t categorize her new songs as Country Queen Bay announced her forthcoming country album with the release of two new songs during the Grammy Awards on Sunday February 11th but when a fan tried to request one of the tracks Texas holdam on an Oklahoma

Based country radio station they were denied we do not play Beyonce on kykc as we are a country music station read an email in response to the fan who then shared the interaction on Twitter /x calling the refusal discrimination the fan who goes by the handle at jado wrote

This station needs to be held accountable for their blatant racism and discrimination against Beyonce at 101 kykc this is absolutely ridiculous and racist you guys should be ashamed I grew up listening to your station please email the radio station to request the song When hitboy saw a post about the

Controversy from pop base he took a screenshot of it and shared it to his Instagram with the caption Tell Em play Texas cowboy hat face he then added in the comments real country fire Emoji following an overwhelming response on social media the station soon changed its tune and has since added Texas

Holdam to their rotation a representative for the station issued a statement to the shade room I think we issued just a generic reply when we should have been more detailed it read in part if someone emailed our country station and requested a Rolling Stones song we would have probably replied the same Beyonce

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Is known for not being a country artist so we just replied to that effect. but we are actually excited that she has crossed over to a new genre we are big Beyonce fans here and really hope it does well as we like seeing new artists get into the

Format just one day after the Texas hold M and 16 carriages went live a fan account dedicated to Beyonce revealed that the Superstar singer had won her yet another culture shifting Accolade this time an unexplored territory Beyonce is the first black female artist to reach the top of Apple

Music US country chart in history they wrote she is also the first female black artist to occupy the first and second position on the chart simultaneously this stat has been backed up by other outlets the mega star announced the arrival of Renaissance act two in a multi-layered reveal that

Started with a new Super Bowl ad for Verizon in it Beyonce and the Network’s now iconic can you hear me now tech try a number of different schemes to see if the singer can break the internet once again the commercial ends with her blasting off to space as a fictional

News anchor announces her plans to deliver the first live performance from the cosmos in the last few seconds of the ad she says okay they ready drop the new music the surprise Verizon ad had the intended effect of driving fans to her socials as they looked for additional

Hints about how to access Beyonce’s latest offering just moments after the ad premiered she delivered with a Texas themed trailer for the new project which is set to arrive on March 29th 30 minutes after sharing the trailer she returned to Instagram to announce the release of the two new

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