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Vince Staples Reflects on Snoop Dogg’s Influence,’He Never Felt Out of Reach


Vince Staples has elaborated on Snoop Dog’s presence in Hip Hop and how the veteran inspired him as a kid who also grew up in Long Beach in an episode of podcast P that went live on Monday February 12th the 30-year-old MC discussed music basketball and making his own show among other things during

The conversation host Paul George asked Staples about the dog father’s influence on him considering they’re both from the same part of California I think the best thing about Snoop is that he never felt Out Of Reach Staples answered he s never being weird bro there’s no other way to put it he’s

Just not weird being a kid I don’t think I even like realized how big all him Warren G I didn’t realize how big all of them were cuz you would just see them on a random day amongst their people he added as far as I know especially with

Us as children it was always a positive interaction you learned a lot from that especially coming from Street life hhdx YouTube video player play button YouTube video Vince Staples Praises Snoop Dog for being a role model he never felt Out Of Reach Vince previously discussed growing up in Long Beach during an

Appearance on ESPN a few years ago in 2016 the rapper and actor made an appearance on Highly Questionable to talk about gang culture in the city and trying to steer clear of it as a child that kind of directed our path along with other things he said just getting

Into the gang stuff the trouble stuff all the things that kids fall victim to just being in the wrong place at the wrong time gang life is something that’s just a part of our community where we come from if you think about history of black people and Hispanic people in Los

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Angeles County or Southern California in general that’s one of the only things we have culturally ens spus from things that had a positive message he added all these people we know as political activists which people don’t know kind of sparked that whole identity of gang life it’s just part of

Our culture and with idle time and immaturity which comes from being a child you kind of fall into the wrong things and especially with the wrong guidance things sort of get diluted the longer they’ve been separated from their origin it’s just something that’s already there but if you have nothing

Better to do you often find time to do the wrong things and that’s just kind of where that fell into

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