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Hydrafacial Skin Care


Hydrafacial Skin Care

What kind of technology and content does Hydrafacial skin care have? Hydradermabrasion method is a process in which skin cleansing, peeling, renewal, moisturizing, antioxidant, protection and acne treatment procedures are performed together. With Vortex nozzle technology, blackheads are cleaned without steam and squeezing with the effect of liquid pressure and vacuum. Hydrafacial cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing solutions cleanse the skin while also removing dead skin cells and dirt.

LED Technology:

The purpose of Red LED application is to stimulate elastin and collagen fibers, strengthen, revitalize, tighten the skin and reduce the formation of fine wrinkles.

The purpose of Blue LED application is to clean and destroy the bacteria that cause acne on the skin, by affecting the inside of the pores.

The purpose of Green Led application is to target the cells that produce melanocytes. This application prevents excess melanin production and prevents melanin from rising to the surface of the skin. It treats existing spots by breaking down the melanin accumulation and preventing discoloration.

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What skin problems is Hydrafacial used for?

How is it applied and how many sessions are recommended? What to pay attention to after the application?

Thanks to the special vortex head, hydrafacial nourishes the skin while simultaneously purifying it from harmful cells, blackheads and oil. It is a treatment method that nourishes and strengthens the skin thanks to rich serums.

Hydrafacial application is performed in 3 or 4 sessions, depending on the person’s skin condition. You can easily return to your social life after the application.

Are some tests/examinations performed before the application?

There is no need for any tests or examinations before Hydrafacial application. It is extremely important to apply as prescribed by your skin doctor.

Is there a particular season/time that is preferred for application?

Hydrafacial application is a skin care method that you can easily have in all seasons and is an extremely safe application.

Are there any people who are not suitable for Hydrafacial application?

You can perform Hydrafacial easily and safely on all skin types in all seasons. It is recommended to do it in minimum 3-4 sessions.

In addition to its damage-treating effect, does Hydrafacial also have a possible damage-preventing effect?

Thanks to its rich solutions, we significantly prevent dehydration, lifelessness and dryness that may occur on the skin.

In which age range is it especially recommended for patients?

Although there is no specific age range, the decision is made by the relevant specialist physician, taking into account the skin condition of the patient in all age groups. For example, it is recommended for support in the treatment of acne problems that occur during adolescence, blemishes and dehydration that occur between the ages of 25-30, and in the treatment of fine lines, dehydration and blemishes that occur in older ages.

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Skin redness etc. after Hydrafacial skin care. Is it visible?

After Hydrafacial skin care, minimal redness or pinkness may be observed on the skin. However, these disappear in approximately 15 – 30 minutes.

Can different skin care applications that support Hydrafacial be applied simultaneously? For example, can mesotherapy be applied together with Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial skin care is accompanied by different facial applications that support other skin. PRP can be used with facial injection applications such as facial mesotherapy, salmon DNA application, as well as other applications in acne and blemish treatments.


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