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Ice Spice’s Emoji Billboard Sparks Speculation of Ongoing Beef, Fans Weigh In


Billboard trucks with an emoji version of ice spices think you the you not even the fart lyric have been spotted driving around Atlanta while not confirmed to have been ordered by Ice spice herself it’s unclear who the target of the Billboards is however many people believe that the move is a

Continuation of the rapper beef with lto think you the fart was widely taken as a shot at lto who even responded to the track on her own release Sunday service despite the move from Spy fans still think that lto won the beef she put a track in Atlanta lto not only went

To Isis City but she filmed the video in is’s exact hood lto taking it one fan wrote she was too scared to go there herself or drop a better disc added another a truck with a sign on it lto brought 20 plus black vans in Ur City

And filmed a whole MV concurred a third Sunday service is yet to debut on theill Billboard Hot 100 meanwhile than you the fart debuted at number 37 and dropped to number 52 in its second week ice spice roasted for Super Bowl performance meanwhile spice cannot escape the flopping allegations to save

Her life at the moment tell the Frozen Spice Girl to stop singing to me I have a dashiki that’s older than her Michael blackon wrote on Instagram he also included footage of spice rapping and twerking at The Fanatic Super Bowl party turning the camera to capture his concerned

Expression many fans were quick to skewer Spice in the comments too so she’s a stripper with a microphone got it one hater said imagine your music being so trash you have to show your nakedness so we can forget that your music is trash waste basket concurred

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Another however spice had a VIP seat for the game rolling up to Travis Kelsey Suite with Taylor Swift she also stared an ad for St in the ad spice is being rised up the soda brands two animated mascots when her ex-boyfriend shows up to try and win

Back the rapper when she rejects him the man’s head horrifyingly explodes in a fountain of soda titled it’s time to see other sodas the ad dropped on February 2nd however contrary to the belief of some gossip sites the ad did not reveal any details of the rapper’s actual love life

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