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Cam’ron Ordered to Pay Photographer $51,000 in Copyright Infringement Lawsuit


Cameron will have to cough up some cash in order to cover his loss in a lawsuit against him from a photographer moreover this is because he used the iconic picture of him in his pink for fit for his Dipset merch which he did not obtain the proper licensing

For from the photo’s copyright holder photographer Jamila Cochran federal judge William Martini reportedly ruled on Thursday February 15th that this ‘s constituted copyright infringement and that killak cam must pay Cochran $51,000 about $40,000 of this covers statutory damages whereas the remaining $110,000 or so makes up for the

Photographers legal fees the court finds that a statutory damages Award of seven times the licensing fee is sufficient to compensate the plaintiff for the infringement of her copyright and to deter future infringements by punishing the defendants judge Martini reportedly expressed this lawsuit surfaced back in April of 2023 when Cameron and Dipset

Coutour received no notice of legal action from Jamila Cochran however this is not that surprising of an outcome when you look at how he had responded to the whole ordeal the New York rapper never came through with defenses or explanations for his actions and did not legally or formally respond to this lawsuit

Resulting in a default judgment Cameron during one Court draft week in 2023 furthermore there are still a lot of dipet fans out there who would love to rock some pieces like this and as such there’s still plenty of incentive for these parties to come to another

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Form of agreement when it comes to the proper use of this Photograph but sometimes big dips at fans get clowned online especially if they’re an even bigger MC right now Cameron recently defended Drake’s fandom of the group during a recent GQ interview remarking how it’s no different than any other

Artist showing each other love it’s no different from anybody else just trying to show love he shared a rapper that’s younger than me who grew up watching what we did if asterisk asterisk asterisk in grew up wanting to get a chain because EPMD had the gold link

Going on or Big Daddy Kane’s rope chain when it’s somebody of Drake’s magnitude you ought to show love a lot of people want to criticize and say he’s too commercial he’s the modern-day Michael Jackson that can also rap you got to realize the type of run he’s on for more

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