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YSL Defense Attorney Nicole Fegan Reportedly Granted Bond Following Arrest in Gang Related Case


Folks all over rap Twitter are talking about the shocking arrest of ysl’s defense lawyer in their RICO case who reportedly got out on of $40,000 Bond according to WSBTV moreover the court charged Nicole Fagan with participation in criminal street gang activity and criminal solicitation to commit the offense of evidence

Tampering of course this is still under scrutiny at press time and little is known about how this could potentially affect the current trial of young fug and others it certainly doesn’t paint well in terms of the Optics though as prosecutors will most likely try to turn

This in their favor but we’ve still yet to see whether there’s any truth behind these accusations in court to be clear Fagan is not on young fugs individual team specifically but she represented other YSL members as part of the collective’s full defense team however this is far from the only

Scandalous story of note when it comes to this case’s main players this time around it’s on the defensive end but those pushing the case towards conviction also became embroiled in other accusations of wrongdoing fton County georg’s district attorney fonnie Willis who is also Prosecuting a case against Donald Trump faces allegations

Of having an inappropriate affair with another prosecutor YSL defense attorney Nicole Fagan reportedly gets bonded after Gang Related arrest nevertheless Young Thug and ysl’s legal battle continues and likely will not slow down due to these situations it’s possible that this will throw a wrench into court proceedings

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Which are moving steadily these days but it’s a tight race to call after all maybe this will simply exempt Fagan from this courtroom or her case might come separately either way fans had a lot to say about this whether it’s memes about her supposed posts on Instagram or

Genuine discussion around it Young Thug fans react meanwhile what do you think about this whole situation what about thugger’s various instances of relationship drama that were the center of case coverage earlier in the year however you may feel drop your thoughts in the comments section down below also stick around on hnhh for

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