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Amber Rose Dispels Dating Rumors with NFL Star C J Stroud After Charity Softball Game


Amber Rose has shut down rumors that she is dating NFL star CJ strad after they left a charity softball game in Houston together we literally don’t know each other and literally met yesterday at a softball game the Sprinter left me and he was nice enough to give me a ride to

My hotel THX again at CJ7 Stroud Rose wrote on Instagram in response to a TMZ article speculating about a relationship the pair were teammates at Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack charity game at minute made park on Thursday strad was quick to jump on a flight to Indianapolis to take part in the NBA

All-Star celebrity game on Friday however that did not spare the pair for irate fans many commenters were enraged by the prospect of The 40-Year-Old Rose dating the 22-year-old stoud similar reactions were seen earlier this month when reports circulated alleging that 39-year-old Drea Michelle was pregnant by 21-year-old NBA star Jaylen green

Despite this Rose has slammed the door on any speculation Chris Rock and Amber Rose dating rumor swirl however it’s not the first time that Rose has been hit with wild speculation about her dating life the rumor mill has woke from its Christmas Slumber after Rose and Chris Rock were

Spotted stepping out in New York City the day after Christmas Day Paparazzi spotted the pair after having a great time in Manhattan however there was no sign of PDA between the too this means that the nature of their relationship unknown and open to speculation however there have not been

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Any sightings of the pair in the subsequent 2 months since this outing Rose has been single since her messy split with AE Edwards in 2021 I want to be single for the rest of my life Rose declared during an interview earlier this year meanwhile Rock was last linked to actress like

Bell there were reportedly an item for several months last year however they never officially confirmed that they were d

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