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Jacquees Alleges Trey Songz’s Guilt in Serious Allegations, Doubles Down on Claims


Try songs is currently facing a variety of pretty serious allegations that includes a variety of sexual assault and even rape allegations earlier this week Jack quis took to social medial with a now deleted Post in the post he didn’t hold anything back during a profanity laced rant he

Called son a rapist directly I want the world to know this B asteris TCH SN asteris GIS GIS GIS try songs is a asterisk TCH H this n asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk came in the club talking about rape F asterisk CK you talking about rape for B asterisk tcsn asterisk asterisk asterisk

Asterisk then you come outside the club and swing on your little brother use a asteris TCH he said in the video at the end of the post he baned songs from coming to Atlanta at all now in a newly shared video he’s doubling down on his claims in a much more reserved statement

He brings religious values into the mix while proclaiming his own path as righteous he makes that claim that try songs is guilty of everything he’s being accused of the post got a variety of responses from fans processing just how sweeping the accusations really are Jack quis calls try songs guilty of

Everything though the allegations against try songs are pretty extensive he did just score a recent win in the courts a lawsuit filed over a groping incident in 2013 was dismissed after the accuser and her legal team failed to respond to a motion from Trey it’s hardly a clear path for the singer going

Forward through the legal system though throughout last year try song’s legal team fought against all the lawsuits against him they filed numerous requests to get suits thrown out though they didn’t do much to clear his legal troubles what do you think of Jack qu claim that Trey songs is guilty of

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Everything he’s been accused of do you think the claim makes you more like to believe the accusations made against Trey let us know in the comment section below

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