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Taylor Swift’s Swag Surfin Dance Spurs Debate on Appropriation and Artist Credit


If you’re an NFL fan a Taylor Swift fan or have been on the internet at all recently you’ve probably seen her support her boyfriend Travis Kelsey of the Kansas City Chiefs on their Super Bowl run in fact you probably saw her dance to fast like youngz fly 2009 hit

With EA dollar ton swag Surfin an HBCU and sports staple that sparked debate over who should get credit for its resurgents its dancers or its creators my initial reaction to Taylor Swift swag surface was I thought it was dope group member moo told TMZ I automatically knew it was going to be a

Good look because of who she is what she’s got going on our streams across all platforms are up 700% Muk continued our YouTube numbers went up we gained 20,000 subscribers in like 2 weeks so everything is up it’s just been a dope thing to watch everything unfold so

Quickly not only that but he also suggested this is the the biggest moment the songs ever had in terms of growth and proposed and endorsed the idea of Taylor Swift remixing it with a rap verse some people already don’t like the league pushing her at every chance they

Get and this was even more of a red flag for fans moreover on social media sites like Twitter folks lamented this Prospect as they see it as appropriation or a cheap way to capitalize on another artist’s work some didn’t take it that far suggesting that it would just be cringe

And a lot of people don’t really care much about it at all still it’s fair to say that making assumptions about Taylor Swift’s malice in terms of her NFL visibility and her participation in these dances is pretty unfair and frankly unfounded as unlikely as this remix seems though fans are very careful not

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Push this to its limits meanwhile most folks only like to see Kelsey and the Superstar singer develop a wholesome bond for a bit beyond that there are as many good reasons as there are bad reasons to be wary of this exposure but we’ll see if the Super Bowl changes any of

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