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Jadakiss Joins Viral Muni Long Made for Me Challenge, Surprising Fans


Jiss has participated in the viral mun long made for me challenge that’s exploded all over social media although the results weren’t exactly what anyone expected in an undated clip that went viral on Saturday January 27th the John Blaze rapper can be seen swaying back and forth in what appears to be a hotel

Ballroom alongside an older Asian man who seems perplexed as he too tries to do the dance after a short while jiss gives up and starts laughing earlier this month Germaine Dupri hinted at a collaboration involving Ari Lennox and Muni long as both singers share a mutual appreciation for one another on January

8th long shared Snippets from a recent Instagram live streamed by The Dream Bell star in the Tik Tok video collage captioned y’all don’t understand how much I love this lady she can be seen singing made for me while talking about how much joy the song brings her a few

Hours later Germaine Dupri re-shared the post on Twitter and captioned it I want to cry watching this at arenic laughing emoji cuz I love you and I love making music that people really [ __ ] with yo at mun long we might need to put her on the sweat

Remix the so so deaf boss confirmed to hipop DX that the remix he is referring to is for the same song Lennox was singing sweat in this case is an Insider reference between him and mun long as for kiss he was recently recruited by Uncle Murda for his long- awaited album

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The Lenny Grant story The Brooklyn native has been been teasing the LP for over a year now and he acknowledged that when announcing its official release date in a new interview with the Danza project podcast that dropped on January 2nd I know I’ve been saying that [ __ ]

Forever but the Lenny Grant story is actually coming out around the 30 of January he said this January 2024 I got my boy Benny The Butcher on there J toiss Conway Simba Styles P we got some nice surprise guests on there Uncle Murda is seemingly making good use

Of the commotion around his annual year end wrap-up song which this year came in three parts as he had a variety of things to address from a wild 2020

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