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Kai Cenat Clarifies Lil Yachty Diss Speculation in Livestream


Kaisen it knows lilot would never diss him despite what many fans of streamers like himself may have taken from a new single in a live stream the internet personality reacted to messages from fans saying that Lil boat was going after streamers on say grace featured on the new lycal lemonade album All is

Yellow Sid eventually rejected the theory asking there you go being messy no number 10 you couldn’t be Ronaldo punting on soccer Superstar lonel Messi he initially thought was taking a dig at him saying yo what the who are you coming for Ena he added he’s talking about music my Ena do not ever

Disrespect me like that fans were quick to note that yachty could be talking about Bruce drop him off who dissed both CET and the MC in leaked DMS definitely talking about Bruce one commenter noted last we heard from the streaming Superstar he was begging for a role in 50cent US power

Universe the twitch streamer was on a live stream with a boogie wit to Hoodie when he received a phone call from 50 during the FaceTime conversation SED asked the G at Mogul if he could star in one of his hit TV shows yo yo yo can I please get an

Episode of Power bro he pleaded not willing to hand out an opportunity without the talent and commitment to back it up 50y replied well we got to work it out look we got to make sure you can play the part though kais then said he was willing to play any role in order

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To secure a cameo in the power franchise yes I could bro he said whatever Gangsta part whatever you need me to do if I got to knocka Ena off Enga I swear I could do whatever you need me to do bro after showing love to a boogie

50y challenged Kai to prove his acting chops by telling him look look look it got to look as if was expensive you got to be deadass serious I want to see you knock something off Ka senet met 50 Cent and his son at a New York Knicks game in

December so boom I’m at the New York Knicks game I’m chilling senet said on a live stream afterwards 50y and his son pass by so I was saying after I’mma take a picture with you right he like yeah they sit down then 50 pulled up looking directly

At me coming up to me bro this Enga literally puts a hand on my shoulder yo bruh take a picture with my lil mans real quick he with you he continued he made me get up and all that oh 50 I with you so I take a picture

With his son super cool man shout out

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