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Jay Electronica Reveals Influence on Kanye West’s Bound 2 in Twitter Revelation


J Electronica is a staun supporter of Kanye West whether it’s during his highest highs or his lowest lows in fact the two have kept up a pretty close relationship over the years so it’s no surprise that the two would Inspire and contribute to each other’s

Work ye shouted him out on St Pablo off 2016 you guessed it the life of Pablo and electron was a feature on his 2021 album D specifically the cut Jesus Lord however it seems like this Bond might go deeper and even further back as given a new tweet from the New Orleans

MC around Friday February 8th he might be responsible for one of yeezy’s biggest hits # true stories J Electronica began his message on the social media platform concerning the point of inspiration he offered Kanye West so when I was living in London Y and Virgil came to my house and stayed

For a few days and I played them fat belly Bella AKA Life on Mars and they eventually used that same Melody line and Sample for bound too go listen both songs sample the 1977 record airplane reprise by Wii unfortunately Jane never hopped on the remix something that Kanye

Invited him to do for his collab with the game easy J Electronica recalls Kanye West and Virgil ablo visiting him in London actually there are a lot of instances in which these two MC’s could have collaborated but it just didn’t end up panning out a relatively recent example is from back

In 2020 when Jay Electronica geared up to release his Studio debut ct2 the patents of nobility the turn Kanye West was supposed to make the track list as a feature but given what Jay said during this process they couldn’t get permission cleared in time for the release at least Jesus Lord came the

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Very next year so folks praying on a linkup could get their reward meanwhile both look forward to projects apparently you all probably know about vultures but Jay has another album on the way reportedly titled bismilla boys that he’s been teasing for a long time given both their incredible skill plus their

Fair share of controversies and backlash for anti-semitic remarks ather release will surely be a pretty dense dive with that in mind

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