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Lil Wayne Aims for 2025 Super Bowl Halftime Show, Still Awaits Call


Lil Wayne has once again stated that he wants to headline the 2025 Super Bowl halftime show in New Orleans however Wayne revealed that he is yet to be contacted about the opportunity I will not lie to you I have not got a call or nothing but we are

Praying we praying we keeping our fingers crossed I’m working hard I’m have make sure this next album and everything I do is killer I want to just make it hard for them not to holler at the boy Wayne told the 400 podcast Wayne first broached his desire to do the show

During an interview with Taylor Rooks and Bleacher Report last year going to the Super Bowl and watching the halftime show and wishing when you see the artist you be like they could have sung the song that I was featured on I’m featured on everybody’s song you could have

Brought me out please do not feel disrespected if you’re an artist from New Orleans or an artist tied to me any kind of way in the music industry but no that’s my moment and I earned that moment so no I’m not bringing no one Wayne said however he later amended his

Statement to note that he would bring out Beyonce if she wanted to join him Lil Wayne walks back Anthony Davis trade talk however the 2025 Super Bowl is not the only thing that Wayne has been rehashing as of late Wayne also reversed course on one of his Boulder basketball

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Takes arguing that Anthony Davis is now Irreplaceable for the Lakers you can’t get nobody for him that’s gone replace what he can do there’s nobody out there like that if you could get yic but you can’t do that Wayne said on Undisputed this week as mentioned the sentiment is a major

Departure from something that Wayne had previously advocated for if the Lakers want to be a championship team they have to get rid of AD the rapper said on the show last November it was a bold take at the time despite Davis’s injury struggles he was still the number two

Scoring option behind LeBron and his trade value was considered prohibitively high at least in terms of immediate impact player

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