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JAY Z Criticizes Grammys for Beyoncé’s Album of the Year Snubs During Dr Dre Global Impact Award


Jay-Z called out the recording Academy while accepting the Dr Dre Global impact award at the 66th annual Grammy Awards HOV appeared on stage at the arena in Los Angeles on Sunday February 4th and used a speech to take aim at the organization for continually snubbing

His wife Beyonce in the album of the Year category we want y’all to get it right he said standing alongside his 12-year-old daughter Blue Ivy we love y’all we love y’all we just want y’all to get it right at least get it close to right obviously it’s subjective because

You know it’s music and it’s opinion-based but some things I don’t want to embarrass this young lady but she has more Grammys than everyone and never one album of the year he continued so even by your own metrics that doesn’t work think about that the most Grammys

Never won album of the year that doesn’t work some of of you are going to go home tonight and feel like you’ve been robbed some of you may get robbed some of you don’t belong in the category nah nah nah when I get nervous I tell the truth

Beyonce holds the record for the most Grammy wins with 32 however she has never won the coveted album of the Year award despite being nominated four times I Am Sasha Fierce in 2010 Beyonce in 2015 lemonade in 2017 and Renaissance in 2023 Jay-Z previously took shots at the

Grammys last year for overlooking his own album 444 in 2018 in that moment I was like they missed the opportunity because people emulate success he told tidle in that moment that album for 44 was a moment for us to say hip hop is viewed as a

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Young man’s sport now here is this album that could take us into the next sphere I feel like they missed the moment I didn’t feel bad for myself because I know it’s the Grammys I probably won some joints I shouldn’t have won and I probably lost some joints I should have

Won he added that’s the way it goes so I actually had a party I had a great time staying out until 6:00 in the morning Jay-Z was nominated for eight Grammys in 2018 but went home empty-handed he later vented his frustration with the recording Academy on his 2018 Apes hit collaboration with

Beyonce rapping tell the Grammys that zero for eight after receiving the Doctor Dre Global impact award which was introduced last year the Rock Nation mobile was seen dapping up the legendary producer and posing for a photo with him in the audience HOV also poured DUS conac into

His award and drank from it recreating his viral moment from the 2013 Grammys Jay-Z wasn’t the only rapper who took home silverware this year as Killer Mike was a triple winner in the rap categories best rap album best rap song and best rap performance while Lil Durk

And Jay Cole nabbed best melodic rap performance all my

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