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Kodak Black Fires Shots at Boosie Badazz in New Freestyle


Kodak Black has taken aim at boozy badass on a new freestyle over Drake’s 8 a.m. in Charlotte beat on the track which is titled 11:00 a.m. in Malibu Kodak addresses boozy directly after they exchanged words last year he reps starting to understand that I’m a threat

To these Eng gas and I was just playing slash and I got longevity and it’s been longevity slash and Eng gas been scared of me from ever since I remember that’s what the streets tell me I don’t even care about that though I’m trying to get rich ho/ who boozy think he is

Who you and guas think you be in issues between the southern rap stars started when boozy badass criticized Kodak Black for working with 69ine on the song Shakalaka that enay yak me up he said on Instagram live following the tracks release I know them zo’s

Up right now I know the State of Florida up right now this OT ain’t got no morals don’t got no principles damn thought that little Ena wasn’t like that bro Ena ain’t no Street Ena at all damn me up 699 I manager wack 100 later recalled kodak’s response saying

The Florida rapper mocked boozy for selling his Rolls-Royce truck after being arrested and suggested he need to go do a verse with somebody Yak also called the WIP me- down rapper a clown on social media to which he fired back sold you Soul f million I know you a

Take a dick for 20 million SMH you been weird you ain’t never been no Street ngga you a kaer rapper LOL Nickelodeon ass ngga LOL n GGA should have stuck they finger and youro # Kodak the stallion I’ve been going through some man this done got deep SL

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Got to realize everybody ain’t G slash how the you do that when you represent the streets SL streets made you and the streets made me/ if you ask BG you was on pc/ the name that you got I think you got that from me he wrapped

Your fans all mad acting like they can’t see Slash your street cred gone Anda don’t blame me slash you’re homeboy right you ain’t living like that slash everything that you rap you ain’t never did that slash cuz the other Enda talking he a certified rat slash your Cod defendant been give me your

Paperwork Anda I gave you a video and verse Enga for the free slash when you was trying to pay engga I may g/ thought Turk felt the same way godamn cuz we all from the same place Louisiana Kodak Black’s new song arrives amid continued legal troubles as he was

Arrested in December and charged with possession of Oxycodone tampering with evidence and being improperly

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