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JAY Z Hosts Star Studded Roc Nation Sports Super Bowl Party Amid Roc Nation Brunch Cancellation


Jay-Z has hosted a star studded Rock Nation Sports Super Bowl party from Las Vegas just one week after foregoing his Rock Nation brunch which has become a Grammy week tradition the billionaire mobile hosted the party from the poodle room at the new luxury hotel the Fontan

Blue Las Vegas there was no shortage of big names from hov’s music circles and attendance including Fat Joe E40 Germaine Dupri Sierra Queen Latifa Vic Mena and Jay’s former rockefella artist Memphis Bleak figures from the World of Sport including Chris Paul Dez Bryant Todd Gurley Russell Wilson and Shawn

White were at the party alongside billionaires Jack dorsy and mayael ruin the Super Bowl party appears to be the closest where getting to the celebrated Rock Nation Branch after the annual Gathering which traditionally takes place on Grammy Awards weekend was surprisingly canceled at the last minute this year despite there being no star

Studded brunch Jay did hold a party in Los Angeles that was attended by Kim Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Odell Beckham Jr quo and Lil Uzi vert The Rock Mas branch has been an annual event since 2011 only being cancelled in 2021 and 2022 because of the covid-19 pandemic last year’s event hosted by

Jay-Z and Beyonce in a private mansion in Beverly Hills and saw the likes of Mark wallberg DJ colled Two Chains offset Tyler the Creator Swiss beats push a t Kelly Roland and Tiana Taylor also in attendance were three of Diddy’s Sons though the currently embattled bad

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Boy founder was not spotted at the event on Friday February 9th Rock Nation announced a landmark partnership with Versace in a series of Instagram posts on Friday Versace described the deal as a transformative multi-year partnership that will range from the support of C focused initiatives to the sponsorship of high-profile events the latter

Includes most immediately versace’s sponsorship of a Super Bowl event on Friday thrown by Rock Nation Sports the company sports management division among the cause focused initiatives will be support for the Rock Nation School of Music sports and entertainment a program at Long Island University that offers programs in entrepreneurship music

Technology sports management and more Rock Nation also serve as the NFL’s live music entertainment strategist and oversee the Super Bowl’s halftime event which this year features

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