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Drake Places $1 15 Million Bet on Kansas City Chiefs to Win Super Bowl


Drake has made a huge $1.15 million bet on the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl over the San Francisco 49ers the Canadian Superstar who has a reputation for cursing sports teams revealed that he has placed a lot of weight behind the Chiefs because of Taylor Swift who is in a relationship

With Chiefs tit and Travis Kelce and will be attending the game I can’t bet against the swifties Drake rode alongside a screenshot of his Bing slip which showed the Chiefs as slide underdogs Drizzy made the bet on stake a betting website in which he is an investor that lets users back their wager

Cryptocurrency he stands to hul in over $2 million if Kansas City secures the win it wouldn’t be the first time he has placed a wager on a high-profile sporting contest with him rarely winning he recently placed $700,000 on Sha Strickland to win in the main event of

UFC 297 but the middleweight lost a unanimous decision to draus dupus Drake was also in the corner of Conor McGregor to beat kabib nurov even appearing at the weigh-in to support the Irishman but the Russian went on to win easily last year Drake also put $1.2

Million on Jake Paul to win by knockout against Tommy Fury but the YouTuber lost to the brother of World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury by Split Decision Jersey fars better when betting on NFL he successfully called the last two Super Bowls after putting $700,000 on the Chiefs beating the Philadelphia Eagles last year and

$472,000 the year before when the Los Angeles Rams triumphed over the Cincinnati Bengals the take care rapper was also blamed when Serena Williams Lost in the semi-finals of the 2015 US Open as he was watching in the stands Drake appears to be aware of the curse as in 2019 he

Sported a Philadelphia 76ers shirt despite being a Toronto Raptors fan the move also worked as the Raptors triumphed over the 76ers in that year’s playoffs before going on to win the NBA championship over the Golden State Warriors in the finals

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