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Lola Brooke Pays Tribute to Fallen Rappers with God Bless All The Rappers Featuring Jim Jones


Lola Brook has paid homage to all the rappers and specifically Jim Jones in God bless all the rappers which you can take a listen to below the new track heares her paying tribute to rap’s fallen stars with an assist from the dipet Capo courtesy of an old rap radar

Podcast clip in which he can be heard discussing the Perils of being a hip-hop artist being a rap artist is the most dangerous job in the world Jones is heard saying while Lola repeats the hook it’s more dangerous than going to war in Iraq you don’t know who’s who people can

Get right up on you and try and do something to you how many times you heard rappers talk about they shot up the stew elsewhere Lola Brook name drops a few of Hip Hop’s most recent losses spitting how could you kill pop smoke how could you kill pnb SL how could you

Kill chink’s drugs King von3 how could you kill drao the ruler slash should be worried how they lose you/ XX nipsy both died from a shooter slash they say the most dangerous job is for the rapper slash we don’t never see it coming we use strategies for after

Slash that backwards God bless all the rappers hhdx YouTube video player play button Lola Brook God bless all the rappers recently Jim Jones shared how he believed his influence is still being felt by rappers today earlier this month he shared an old magazine article featuring a photo of his younger self in

Tight by the standards of the time but oversized jeans a skull belt buckle and a leather jacket very similar to what many artists of today wear this fact Jim said was due to his influence 20 years ago I’ve been on it just in case you

Don’t know why you on it now I caused a shift in th rap fashion that’s even more prevalent now that it was when we started at # rap Rockstar skull and bone lifestyle at theal Santana he wrote in the caption he also revealed that his sorial choices had a deeper meaning the

Skull represents all of our falling soldiers sip the Chain Gang wallet chain represents all of our soldiers locked up P just in case you didn’t know th true definition of what you are representing when you got that fly sh T onstay Fly my friends as for Lola Brooke she also

Recently discovered that she had a fan in taji P Hensen last month the acclaimed actress was asked about the line while in the UK talking to BBC 1 extras Nadia J recently and she was quick to gush about how much she loves the pint-sized Brooklyn ress I was just scrolling and you know

I’m A hip-hop head and I love female MC’s and I always post them taji began I knew about Lola because I’ve seen the award ceremonies I love the song and I love her voice it’s nostalgic for me she reminds me of the female MC’s back in

The day Lil Kim Foxy Brown she has that tone and I was like who was like like young girl so I’ve been watching her and then she dropped that song and I was scrolling and I was like wait what did she say and she didn’t say my baby boy

Character name IET she said my name and so I reposted it and she reached out to me in the DM and she was like oh wow oh my God you’re so iconic this means so much to me I said baby girl just keep doing it I got you I’m

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