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Juliana Kanyomozi Still Grappling With Heartbreak Over Her Brother’s Death


Renown Ugandan singer, Juliana Kanyomozi, has bravely shared the pain and anguish she has endured since the tragic loss of her brother, prince Edward Freeman Kim.

Kim untimely passed away last year in year during the morning hours though Juliana never disclosed the cause of his death .
In her recent interview with Ruth Kalibbala Bwanika , Juliana expressed the profound grief that has consumed her since the passing of his brother as she recounted the last moments she shared with him

Juliana narrated that the day her brother died, he was at her residence,that she wasn’t feeling well and she needed to go to the hospital ,her brother and one of her sisters drove her to Nakasero hospital to get treatment and that was the last day she saw Kim alive.

She further stressed that she was getting treatment and the brother was napping in the car waiting for her. When they checked on him, he was unconscious and immediately died before receiving any treatment.

This she said was unbelievable and she thought it was a bad dream that she would wake up from.

“The day my brother died, he was actually at my place. He took me to the hospital, it was me that wasn’t doing well. I remember thinking it was a bad dream and I was going to wake up from it,”she disclosed.

Juliana Kanyomozi and her late brother prince Edward Freeman Kim

It should be noted that singer also lost her son back in 2014 over asthmatic attack.

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