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MUBS Controversy: Sister of Juma Wasswa Balunywa Demands Answers on Brother’s Arrest


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The atmosphere at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) has become tense following the arrest of Juma Wasswa Balunywa, shortly after his expulsion from the Guild Presidential race. The presence of police and military personnel within the institution has heightened concerns among students and faculty.

Juma Wasswa Balunywa’s sister, Maya Balunywa, has made a heartfelt plea for answers regarding her brother’s arrest. Addressing Prof. Muhwezi, the Acting Principal of MUBS, she urged him to explain the circumstances surrounding Juma’s physical assault and subsequent detention. Her inquiries reflect the broader sentiments within the MUBS community, which is grappling with confusion and uncertainty amidst these unfolding events.

Juma Wasswa Balunywa’s arrest occurred after his removal from the Guild Presidential race, a decision that has sparked controversy. The Electoral Commission at MUBS cited the discovery of retakes during his academic tenure as the reason for his disqualification, citing a violation of the guild constitution’s eligibility criteria.

Despite these challenges, Juma Wasswa Balunywa has not remained silent. In a statement to the press, he expressed shock and disbelief at the unfolding events. He declared himself not as a victim but as a fighter for justice and fairness.

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Asserting his commitment to serving the student body, Juma Wasswa Balunywa denounced the decision of the MUBS Electoral Commission as unjust. He emphasized his principles of transparency and integrity, vowing not to retreat in the face of adversity.

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The situation at MUBS remains fluid as stakeholders await further developments and clarification regarding Juma Wasswa Balunywa’s arrest and the circumstances surrounding his expulsion from the Guild Presidential race.

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