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Kanye West Reflects on His Relationship with Faith in Candid Interview with Ty Dolla $ign and Big Bo


Y and taala dollar gian’s recent and rare interview conducted by the one and only big boy has a whole lot of stuff to unpack the controversies attached to vultures the music itself the Duo’s future moves in terms of its next installments and so many more tidbits and

Caveats however one of the most curious parts of the interview was when the Chicago artist was asked about his current relationship with his religious Faith it’s been a pillar of his music since its Inception and big boy asked if he feels comfortable enough to assert

That he’s a man of God but that he’s focusing on vultures it is but you know I have my issues with Jesus ye began with Tai by his side it’s a lot of stuff I went through that I prayed and I ain’t see Jesus show up so I had to put my

Experience in this world my experience with my children my experience with other people my experience with my account my experience with my brand and my experience with the level of music that I was dealing with in my own hands like a lot of times I just feel like in our society and America

Christians will depend on Jesus so much that we won’t put the word in ourselves yes current thoughts on Jesus watch and the main thing that really that I don’t rock with it’s just always like I’m a pray for you ye continued and it’s just like you can actually physically do something yourself too

More than just praying and we’re so in this mentality that that’s all that needs to happen but we ain’t praying our way out of prison we ain’t praying our way out of the abortion clinics we ain’t praying our way to get our land back that was always ours after gentrification after the Harlem

Renaissance and Black Wall Street was burned to the ground them prayers ain’t working we gone have to apply actual physical building Partnerships and it don’t start unless we can really be real with each other and say this is what I did this is what I did like I mean look

At this I know I’m not gone third rail y’all interview but look at the power of what happened when me and Kyrie was on the same page he concluded see that’s what’s scary but what they do is that they put us each in Asylum and say your grandmother gone

Lose her crib you know how many threats we’ve been dealt with and I ain’t pray my way through them threats either I had to get up and do it myself I have so much to do I ain’t have time to pray so that’s what my issue is and look at

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