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Kanye West Reveals His Mother’s Influence on North West’s Music Career


Kanye West and his mother D were extremely close overall da was a huge influence on Kanye and his rise to fame he used to mention her all the time in interviews and she was a large part of the genius documentary unfortunately she passed away in 2007 and it was a devastating

Time in Ya’s life to this day he is still feeling the effects of her passing however he has been able to honor her in many ways for instance he named his album da after her and he has also created institutions in her name when someone is such a massive part of

Your life sometimes you will see that person manifest in others as you was telling big boy in his most recent interview he sees a lot of his mom in Northwest in the clip below he says sometimes I feel like my mom speaks to her you made this Revelation when he was

Showing North his song Back to Me North told you that the song was a banger and that at the end of the day he needs to say how he feels in y’s mind that is the exact same advice that his mom would have given him Kanye West pours his

Heart out Northwest has taken a huge interest in music so much so she is going to be dropping her own album Kanye is going to have a massive part in the production of this album and there is no doubt that fans are very excited about this whether or not the album actually

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Does come out is another story only time will tell whether or not she is just like her father who likes to delay his albums for weeks and even months on end let us know what you think of yes comments down below what do you think of North’s upcoming music career

Are you excited for her new album additionally stay tuned to hnhh for the latest news and updates from around the music world we will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite artists and their upcoming projects

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