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Method Man Expresses Interest in Portraying Reggie Jackson in Biopic, Critiques Hollywood Politics


Method Man Has revealed his desire to play Reggie Jackson in a biopic I want to do a biop I see of Reggie Jackson because when I lived in the Bronx he was King Mr October man I mean he had a hell of a life hell of a career

I watched the documentary about him cuz I already knew the kind of person he was but watching that documentary it opened up a whole new mentality for me when we look at baseball players we like you white it’s just our assumption or ignorance or whatever but that man was

So much about his people not just about his people but equal opportunities for black players in a game that’s older than all of us him included where we weren’t even invited to the table let alone felt like we deserve deceit Method Man said however he also revealed that

He hates the politics of working in Hollywood that Hollywood Machine is I love the work he said let’s just say that let’s get that out of the way it’s just the politics I don’t like the taking meetings and things of that nature I don’t like it it’s just not

Something I like to do I had to show them that I was actually serious about it because I mean the first name they hear is Method Man they don’t hear Clifford Smith I had to strip back the layers of Method Man I had to embrace it

Because Method Man got me in the door but then once I got in there I had to show them that I was willing to do the work I’m good at the work and give me the fking job give me the fking job but you should never go into an audition

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Wanting the job you should go to the audition to Showcase your translation of a scene to play he noted Method Man says Anthony Macky should have turned down Tupac roll elsewhere Method Man has shared his thoughts about Anthony Macky playing Tupac in 2009’s notorious Anthony Mackey brilliant fking actor

I love him and he deserves all the accolades that he gets except for that Tupac roll I ain’t like that you shouldn’t have took that one bro your agent I hope you got rid of that Enga Method Man said however Method Man revealed that most actors who try to

Portray Tupac don’t hit the mark for somebody to really embody Tupac nothing against my boy Demetrius ship the brother didn’t really have a lot to work with I heard they didn’t get a blessing from tup pac’s mom as well he had a lot of obstacles in his way so we cannot

Blame him for that performance you have to really embody not just the rap part or the thug part but his whole mentality his Aura everything about him was just different from anything we’d seen before Method Man

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