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Kanye West Unintentionally Reveals Vultures 2 Release Date to Baby Keem Fan


Kanye West is certainly no stranger to delays but his latest broken promise has fans more anxious than ever to hear his new album back in January y announced the release dates of all three volumes of his joint project with ta DOA sign vultures the first volume dropped only a

Day late of course this left listeners hopeful that the others would arrive mostly on time clearly that hasn’t been the case vultures 2 was previously expected to dve on March 8th per a forementioned schedule but fans have yet to hear it on the bright side he seems

To have confirmed the new release date in some recent DMS with one of his collaborators baby Keem unfortunately however he wasn’t actually speaking with baby Keem at all Kanye West says vultur 2 arrives May 3rd in screenshots of the DMS ye answers a baby Keem fan Page’s

Request for the release date we in the lab now with it going to release in May May 3rd he wrote when can we go in ye also asked should we do praise God to mrw by the looks of things you thought he was chatting with the real baby Keem

Well it’s certainly an unconventional way to reveal a release date fans are thrilled nonetheless to finally have their questions answered it’s also pretty far out from when the album was originally expected which will undoubtedly leave some listeners disappointed after all the Chicago OMC just told supporters that there are only

Some final tweaks to be made before vultures 2 is complete this got them thinking it would arrive in no time either way fans aren’t exactly surprised and will be grateful to hear it at all what do you think of Kanye West accidentally sharing the release date of

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Vultures 2 with a baby king fan share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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