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Regina King Opens Up About Coming to Terms with Son’s Suicide


Regina King has said she has come to terms with her son’s 2022 suicide I respect and understand that he didn’t want to be here anymore and that’s a hard thing for other people to receive because they did not live our experience did not lian’s Journey King told Good Morning

America however she also noted that his death would always be with her I know that I share this grief with everyone but no one else is Ian’s mom only me and so it’s mine and the sadness will never go away it’ll always be with me and I

Think I saw somewhere the sadness is a reminder of how much he means to me you know happy sorrow King son Ian killed himself in 2022 he had struggled with depression for many years of all the things that we had gone through with therapy psychiatrists and programs and Ian was

Like I’m tired of talking mom King reflected the interview which is King’s first major discussion of Ian’s death has been met with an outpouring of love from fans John Wall reveals What stopped him taking his own life elsewhere John Wall has revealed that he put a gun to

His head on two separate occasions while battling depression however the former NBA star revealed that it was the thought of his two sons that prevented him from pulling the trigger wall told the story in order to highlight the seriousness of mental health struggles and to encourage anyone

Going to to the same thing to seek help wall was a Mainstay of the Wizards for a decade after the team drafted him first overall in 2010 however the Wizards being the Wizards the team never succeeded in building a team around wall despite his star power the team made four

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Post-season trips in 10 years despite wall blossoming into a five-time All-Star wall was dealt to Houston for Russell Westbrook however wall has been out of the NBA since the 2020 three off season

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