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Laser Liposuction


Laser Liposuction

Although it is popularly called “weight loss surgery”, liposuction is actually an operation that is applied and yields results for patients who cannot remove their regional fat despite diet and exercise.

To whom is laser liposuction applied?

Most of the patients applying for liposuction will require tummy tuck treatment. “Tummy tuck or liposuction?” For patients who are confused between these questions, the laser liposuction method is more suitable. After standard liposuction application, patients may experience skin sagging problems and skin wavy or sunken images. Skin sagging can be prevented with the laser liposuction method. The biggest advantage of laser liposuction is that it tightens the skin and ensures better adaptation to the ground, avoiding the appearance of fluctuations or collapse in the body.

Before performing this operation, the body mass index is calculated according to the patient’s height and weight. This procedure is only performed on patients whose body mass index is appropriate. The most suitable patient profile to have this operation is those who have reached their target weight and want to stay at that weight. If the patient does not experience excessive weight gain or loss after laser liposuction treatment, the body shaping procedure performed on the patient is permanent.

When is discharged?

The patient is discharged on the same day. The operation is easily completed within a few hours under sedation, without applying general anesthesia to the patient. After the operation, the skin is desired to heal by adhering to the muscle; Therefore, patients are fitted with a surgical corset for three weeks after the procedure.

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How does the method work?

In laser liposuction, the areas to be applied are entered under the skin with very small cannulas. Here, fats are broken down using laser energy. Fat cells broken down using laser energy are distributed more homogeneously under the skin. Thanks to this equal distribution, there are no ripples or hollows in the applied areas of the patient’s body after the application.

In laser liposuction, a burn area is created in the dermal layer under the skin in a controlled and safe manner and a closed system wound healing process is initiated there. Due to this effect, shrinkage there means the skin becomes tighter and tighter on the outside. Thanks to this application, the skin on the outer surface of the skin is tightened. In this way, the areas where fat tissues are removed are prevented from sagging.


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