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Spot Treatment


Spot Treatment

Blemish Treatment with Chemical Peeling Chemical peeling is an application performed to create a controlled damage to the skin at varying depths, sometimes by using single or sometimes several agents in combination, and to ensure the formation of new tissue during the healing of this controlled damage and to treat various conditions and problems with the regeneration of the skin. . Chemical peeling can be applied in cases where we want the skin surface to be more vibrant and healthy, in the presence of hormonal blemishes that develop after sun exposure or pregnancy, in the presence of photo-damage and acne scars.

Spot Treatment with Cosmelan-Dermamelan

Cosmelan – Dermamelan, an enzymatic peeling kit, is an application that starts with the application of a mask (spot mask) consisting of a balanced mixture of azeleic acid, kojic acid, ascorbic acid and phytic acid active ingredients together with auxiliary ingredients, and is followed by the use of follow-up cream and structurers containing the same active ingredients.

Enzymatic peeling Cosmelan – The powerful stain lighteners contained in Dermamelan also suppress enzymes, reducing and blocking the production speed of the molecules that give the skin its color. This is where enzymatic peeling gets its name from. The strong antioxidant and collagen producing properties of the acids and vitamins it contains also enable the color of the tissue to be structured and lightened. It shows its main effect not by peeling but by enzyme blockade within the tissue. It reduces the colored cell density on the skin surface with the slight peeling experienced at the beginning of the treatment.

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