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Lil Meech Brushes Off Cheating Accusations Amid Summer Walker Rumors


It seems like Lil meech will never be able to live down accusations against him of cheating on summer Walker while the two are in a pretty vague place right now thanks to pregnancy rumors it seems like their relationship status will remain this way despite things being a bit more amicable than

Before still he already received a lot of mocking comments on social media for all this so it will likely be a persistent narrative perhaps the most memorable instance of this was when the BMF actor was spotted bringing another woman into an apartment via a ring doorbell he

Claimed he was helping his cousin with groceries something that Ebro was quick to ask about during a recent radio show that’s funny to me man I don’t take none of that stuff serious Lil Mech told Ebro Laura Styles and Pete Rosenberg presumably he spoke of cheating allegations in general I got

Tough skin so I don’t care and you absolutely were helping your cousin with groceries the media personality asked absolutely 50 cents good pal responded Lil me laughs off ebros cheating questions watch we’re clear that that was Ebro continued so the video that came out was that the neighbor like how did that even

Happen that was my only question that whole time there was a video of him going in his cousin’s house and helping bags like who filmed this that’s CR asterisk z y right like where’s the Privacy at Lil meech concluded laughing off ebro’s inquiries about his potential boo in

Good spirits overall They concluded that the neighbor recorded that on his ring doorbell and when the clip surfaced folks took it out of context perhaps fans will never put this debate to bed but that’s exactly the kind of thing that Lil meech knows will bring them attention even though they reconciled

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After this blew up as a big story their status is on Instagram suggest otherwise we can only imagine what must be going through both of their heads at this time for more news and the latest updates on Ebro and Lil me

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