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Rico Love Reveals Usher Initially Rejected Hit Song Yeah Before It Became a Smash


Usher like the true Soulful Superstar he is doesn’t think that R&B is dead but if he had gone with his gut back around 2003 he might not have been the king of the genre to make that belief have waight in the first place moreover according to TMZ producer Rico Love

Recently went to Homegrown radio to talk about his big break writing for Usher’s 2004 album confessions in addition he also gave an interesting Claim about the backstory behind the Smash Hit yeah while it’s not a traditional R&B cut it’s still one of the Dallas natives biggest hits one that

Love claims he didn’t want to record at first apparently Rico Love was there when Usher first heard the demo for yeah which Shan Garrett wrote initially he did not like the song at all and he rejected any advances to record the track for his then upcoming 2004 project

The producer thought that it was a little cringe and so did the Super Bowl’s upcoming halftime show performer not only that that but love even said that the opening lines up in the club with my homies SLT trying to get a little v i slash keep it down on

The lowkey made him burst into laughter Rico Love recalls La Reed allegedly pressuring Usher to put out yeah watch however LA Reid had something else to say about yeah as a then music executive and the president of Arista records at the time he thought the record sounded like true blue hit and

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Staunchly suggested that Usher release it as the first single instead of burn allegedly as Rico Love recall he fought back against these pressures until Reed simply said do the F asterisk asterisk asterisk ining song and hung up on him in addition he apparently also left the schemes collaborator no choice but to

Put the song out through other means that weren’t just a phone call Meanwhile we’re sure that he will be able to see the real love that people have for yeah during his upcoming tour the 45-year-old surely has different thoughts on the track these days now that hindsight is

2020th it would be interesting to hear him respond to this claim and look back on the choices he made that propelled him into music’s upper echelon with that in mind stay post

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