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Madame Tussauds Unveils New Beyoncé Wax Figure Amid Mixed Reactions


Many have tried to imitate Beyonce over the years but none have succeeded as flawlessly as they’d hoped including Madame tusos the world famous wax museum has made numerous statues of the halo hitmaker for their locations all across the globe some more flattering than others their latest take on Queen be

Debuted today February 8th in Blackpool now that photos of the creation are making rounds online debate is ensuing about which other celebrities the wax work looks more like on one hand some think that this might be the closest to S has come to Bringing Beyonce To Life others however think the

Brand has work to do in terms of the mother of Three’s face card thankfully her Renaissance Era outfit was perfectly on point and her hair looked as fabulous as ever as you might have heard ba announced just a few days ago that her secret line is coming soon to help keep

All of her fans manise looking full fresh and healthy madam so gives Beyonce another go at the same time that ba arrived at the Blackpool Museum they also welcomed a new figure of Pop sensation Lady Gaga she and the Houston native previously worked together on telephone and now they’re sharing space

Again on the floor of the UK venue it seems that little has been said about the house of Gucci actress’s waxwork online as it’s relatively close to her actual appearance social media reacts they can never get her face right one Twitter /x user wrote after seeing Madam too’s latest attempt at recreating

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Beyonce’s Beauty elsewhere others pointed out that the statue seems to more closely resemble R&B songstress Tanashi or king of Queen Starlet Leah Rini the hair and body are pretty close to Beyonce’s but there’s obviously still work to be done in other areas keep scrolling to read more reactions and let

Us know if you think the wax figure resembles queen bee or not in the comments man

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