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M I A Accuses JAY Z and Roc Nation of Preventing Her From Seeing Her Child


Jay-Z and Rock Nation have been called out by Mia in an explosive rant in which she claims she is not allowed to see her child the British rapper went on a lengthy social media tiate on Thursday February 8th making reference to Joe Biden Julian Assange and the war in

Palestine the paper plane star initially wrote Biden won’t let me see my child the longest processing is meant to be 2 months and it’s already been that and shared a screenshot of an email claiming she is ineligible for a USB she added they basically saying I have

To wait for a republican to come to office because 9 months from now is the election Mia then claimed that her 14-year-old son ikid is currently staying with people convicted of sex trafficking I’m not allowed tooc see my child for stealing food at 18 when I was

Poor yet you are government is okay with my child being with family convicted for child trafficking and sex Cults okay the difference between me and migrants coming in is that I can’t vote I am paying yous taxes 2.6 she alleged that she was denied a Visa due to her

Support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and her calls for a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Palestine I have shown support for Julian sick for 14 years and have been to the USA many times the only thing different this time is I called for a ceasefire and spoke out against genocide

And ethnic cleansing she wrote now I am forced to pick between my child and speaking up for what’s right by God Mia whose child was fathered by musician and businessman Benjamin brontman then alleged a conspiracy involving her ex-husband’s prominent family and her former label Rock Nation writing my first custody battle was

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2013 my child was four I was managed by Jay’s who ultimately was paid by brontman she also screenshotted a Wikipedia article about the nxi cult which included among its lead leadership two of Bran’s cousins she then claimed be very clear why my methi record was buried in 2013

Before adding I sacrificed my career for my child they ripped me off and copied my style and gave it to their puppets and shadowbanned me on every platform but it was worth it to save him from The Madness of what you know now Mia also alleged there was a connection between

The brontman family Hillary Clinton and the Libyan regime after Colonel Gaddafi was killed Hillary Clinton gave Sarah brontman Gaddafi’s oil fails after killing him I was punished for saying he helped Africa then they tried to send my child to one of her schools when I went to visit the school The Children looked

Doy and drugged and I couldn’t tell why I refused the rapper who also used to be in a relationship with Diplo then took aim at Jay-Z and Rock Nation the day I was served for my child Rock sick Nation stopped all communication with me and

And all my emails to J’s asking for help was wiped from my inbox my was broken into and every lap was taken I was trapped in Brooklyn on order served that restricted me leaving bkln for 15 years she went on I had sex in Texas once in 2008 I wish my fight

For my child was just with a random dad and not the entire cess pool of US government and all global banking institutions and now Israel’s war and Military industerial complex and a bunch of pedos like how Hillary Clinton gave Sarah brontman Gaddafi’s oil fails after killing him I was punished for saying he


Helped Africa then they tried to send my child to one of her schools when I went to visit the school The Children looked doy and drugged and I couldn’t tell why I refused Mia also alleged that her son was vaccinated without her consent pointing the finger at Canadian fashion designer and

Activist Aurora James who she says is a friend of Beyonce and Salange Aurora sick James vaccinated my child without my permission they manipulated my child by lying sick to a 12-year-old pretending to be his mom of cause sick if it’s not your own child you don’t care how you can

Psychologically sick damage a child with mental games she Beyonce and song’s friend again they vaccinated him even after calling me an antivaxer and humiliating my in the press for good years and canceling my latest ma record from all promo and touring again sacrificing another LP yet they still

Vaccinated him at 12 to get at me Jay-Z Rock Nation the brontman family Aurora James and Hillary Clinton have not yet responded to the various claims made

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