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Ice Spice Debuts Ex Boyfriend in Starry Super Bowl Ad


Ice spice has introduced the world to her ex-boyfriend in her Starry Super Bowl commercial the Bronx rap star appears in the ad alongside the company’s animated lemon and lime mascots the trio are out at a bar together when ice spice is interrupted by her ex who happens to be another

Brand of lemon and lime soda the man is dressed in a green hoodie with the logo blurred out but it is implied that the brand is Sprite in the ad the ex-boyfriend professes his love to ice spice who respond I just needed something more refreshing more crisp ice spice previously spoke

About her first Super Bowl commercial during an appearance on today with Hoda and Jenna I was so excited to be starring in my first Super Bowl commercial ever shout out star this is crazy I never really did nothing like this before she also said she would be supporting the San Francisco 49ers in

The Superbowl as they are her dad’s favorite team even though they are New York natives surprisingly because we’re from New York right every Super Bowl he would still tune in and have me watching it was this whole big event she added the halftime show was of course my favorite

Part but I definitely would watch the ads and I noticed that the ads were bigger and star-filled star is Pepsi’s newest product launched in January 2023 to replace Sierra Mist and compete against Sprite and 7even up although she’s in a huge commercial not everybody is an spice fan as conservative pundit Candace Owens

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Recently slammed the rapper for setting America back the controversial right-wing figure took aim at the munch hitmaker on a recent episode of her podcast where she criticized the content of her latest single thank you the fart Owen said if you’re wondering whether it’s a good song what do you

Think it’s called think you the fart dot now I think we can all admit we have fallen as a society I wouldn’t say that was was mozard or bethoven but I’m not these mainstream media Publications who rush to defend this type of music like they did with WAP the most

Disgusting and filthiest lyrics I’ve ever read she added referencing the cardi B and Megan the stallion hit Owens then quoted a positive review of the song before saying this is the reason nobody reads this crap anymore you guys lie about the big stuff and you lie

About the dumb stuff I just want to live in a society where we can all acknowledge that a song that’s titled thank you the fart is in fact itself a ship

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