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Rick Ross Weighs in on JAY Z vs Nas Feud, They Both Handled Their Business


Rick Ross has settled the long-running debate over who won the feud between Jay-Z and NS appearing on Logan Paul’s impulsive podcast the MMG mobile discussed the historic beef between the two rap Legends who he has both collaborated with that’s what I do love about hip hop because it always goes

Back to how much money a Enga got he said after co-host Mike mlac implied that Jay-Z won the battle from a business standpoint I’m a be honest me being a fan of Nas and HOV I feel like they both handled their business you know what I

Mean because they both shot back and to me that’s what it’s about because a lot of times end gas will tap out they both shot back and they both kept going though Rick Ross refused to call the feud either way others have been more definitive about the Battle Dame Dash

Who ran rockefella with Jay-Z before their falling out actually believed Nas won the beef during an appearance on the thatf asterisk asterisk asterisk at up podcast last year the Harlem bread mobul reflected on the legendary Feud and said that hov’s response to Ether super ugly was subpar Jay’s response was terrible

He said the thing is we had first hit him with the joint at Summer Jam that was kind of hard the Takeover but when Nas came with the ether I was kind of hyped because he said my name I was like I guess I’m in a rap record but the response I wasn’t

There for the response I had landed orotti that one up every time orotti got in my business he up he threw that ether on him he had him apologizing the rap that he did was whack when I heard it I was pissed he continued I was coming from doing a ro

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Aware ad on a private jet I had just landed from like Arizona and I’m listening to this on the radio like what the is this so I was like go to the base line Studios you know cuz I want to know what happened I’m like what the happened and they

In their high-fiving and I’m like what you high-fiving for this is whack this Eng got talking about other end gas business and like we don’t do that and it was Irv I was like Irv Gotti I called Irv told him don’t ever get in my business again bro like what

You doing you not about War he added you see how his Wars go with rap he doesn’t win it HEK not a general like that so it was like stay out of my business Ander keeps talking about me all the time like stop talking about me IR though others

Continue to talk about the beef Jay-Z and Nas have since moved past their rivalry having collaborated with each other numerous times the latter even admitted that he and HOV sometimes joke about the feud over text no be for Rivals they playing ether on title SL Brothers can do anything when they

Decide to slash and a Range Rover dissecting bars from takeover SL sometimes I text HOV like Anda this ain’t over laughing Naas wrapped on his 2022 song

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