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Masaka NUP leaders: Kunga mobilization activities should be halted


Mathias Mpuuga

Masaka, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The National Unity Platform-NUP leaders in Masaka district have demanded for suspension of the Kunga mobilization activities in the area.

In 2022, NUP unveiled the Kunga program as a mobilization campaign intended to spread the party’s gospel of change at all levels across the country, using structures from villages, and parishes up to the National Level led by Fred Nyanzi.

However, the party leaders in Masaka City are expressing reservations about the program, and are demanding that its activities be halted for undermining the elected leaders, hence causing unwanted conflict within the party.

During the regional leaders retreat held in Masaka City, the members accused the Kunga campaign crusaders of misusing it, by turning it into a platform for spreading smear campaigns against elected leaders hence undermining the party.

Joseph Kasirye, the NUP party Secretary General for Masaka branch confirms that the leaders have resolved to suspend the campaign activities in the area and instructed him to notify the party’s National Executive Committee about the decision.

According to him, the mobilization campaign establishes a parallel leadership structure that is comprised of handpicked mobilizers, something that conflicts with the democratically elected leaders of the party in the area.

Besides, some of the selected mobilizers are accused of using the Kunga campaign program as a tool for exerting coercion and extorting money from elected leaders and whoever declines to fund them, faces the wrath of political blackmail.

Kasirye says he has also been receiving complaints against some of the mobilizers about their public conduct, indicating that such resolution by regional leaders buttresses the report that is going to be forwarded to the party’s top leadership for appropriate consideration.

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Zaraha Talida Nalubyayi, the Masaka City Council Female Councilor representing Kimanya-Kabonera division argues that Kunga National leaders did not do thorough scrutiny before choosing its lower-level mobilizers, hence assigning responsibilities to some people with poor moral conduct, which taints the party reputation in society.

She also blames self-seekers and prospective candidates for hijacking the campaign, and turning it into a platform for spreading smear campaigns against incumbent leaders, which has on several occasions resulted in bitter confrontations among supporters.

Mathais Mpuuga, the Nyendo-Mukungwe Division MP and NUP Deputy President for Buganda region observes that the members cannot be suffocated from making proposals they deem appropriate for the good of their party.

He says he is going to implore the party’s top leadership to review the methodology of the mobilization campaign, to properly align it with the bonafide structures of the party to avoid disruptive clashes among its support base.

However, Faridah Nabatanzi, one of the assistants of the NUP National Mobilization Secretary has lashed out at the demands to stop their activities, labeling the leadership in Masaka as political opportunists who are only driven by selfish interests at the expense of the general party.



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