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Gen Muhoozi warns police officers on hobnobbing with criminals


Gen. David Muhoozi

Wakiso, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The State Minister for Internal Affairs, David Muhoozi, has warned police officers against interacting with criminals, which kills the integrity of the force.

Muhoozi, who was passing out 45 Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) and Superintendents of Police (SPs) on Thursday at Bwebajja Command Staff College, said as commanders they need to know their environment, the people they are serving, socialize with them but not being part of criminals.

“All people are important for your work. Even criminals you need them to know them. As a leader, you must know your limits, know what you can do and what you cannot do by being a leader,” Gen. Muhoozi said.

Gen. Muhoozi cautioned police commanders and juniors against involving themselves in mischiefs that discredit their titles, and the force’s reputation. He said temptations are always there but it is incumbent on each police officer to desist the mischiefs and temptations.

“Temptations are there but desist. Shame is a revolutionary sentiment. A leader must know what to do or not. Be professional and disciplined. Discipline can be instilled in you in many ways. We don’t want you to cross the line. Be conscious and that is why we teach you ideologies. You must know the functions of the police and your duties,” Gen. Muhoozi said.

Gen. Muhoozi’s caution comes at a time when seven police officers have been dismissed from the force and are now facing criminal prosecutions over engaging in robberies in which civilians have lost over 2.5 billion shillings.

Out of the 45 police commanders who completed the four-month intermediate course, 13 were females. SSP Clive Bernard Ssemusu was awarded for being the most innovative during the course. SSP Ssemusu stood out in rallying his colleagues to support and implement ideas, and whenever there was a shortage of water, he would mobilize through the fire and rescue directorate where he serves and water would be improvised in time.

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SP Fatuma Nakanwagi was awarded the commandant award because she often stimulated debate, presented war research papers and often discussed with colleagues to their satisfaction. SP Moses Ojok was awarded as the overall best student before being the most disciplined and positively motivated his colleagues throughout the training.

Senior Commissioner of Police- SCP Moses Kafeero, the college commandant, said the course participants have been enhanced with command and management skills. “The course covers two major components. The intermediate command and management skills which we delivered by outsourcing experts from Universities like Makerere, Nkumba, UMI, and our serving and retired senior police officers. These officers are also leaving with advanced certificates in peacebuilding, human security, and transformation,” SCP Kafeero said.

Gen. Muhoozi advised that the training module should incorporate planning for countrywide activities such as policing elections and other activities like Martyrs Day which attract mammoth crowds.

According to Gen. Muhoozi, the intermediate command staff course should also prioritize the aspects of the law such as Criminal Law, The Constitution, and the Magistrates Act.

This, he said would help officers to that their duties all rotate on laws and also be able to collect evidence for successful prosecutions.



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