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Mpuuga Exhibited Highest Degree Of a Diplomat


Scholars used to say that “putting an old patch on a new cloth” is a metaphorical expression, of  trying to fix a new problem or situation with a solution that worked in the past, but may not be suitable for the current context. Though Abed Bwanika reacted with deep emotions, his message was well sent, delivered and received in the open. 

In many cultures, including African and Asian cultures, this phrase is used to caution against relying on outdated solutions and to encourage innovative thinking and adaptability.


By the virtue of the fact that Kyagulanyi’s lacklustre leadership qualities, he came out to show how porous in his decorum by stating that Mpuuga made a mistake and apologised to him. 

His super ego was on display when he said he cherishes Hon Mpuuga that it was him who appointed him to Deputy president in NUP, LOP and Commissioner as well to the applause of blinded Bobi fans. 

Was he supposed to show who is more powerful and Kingmaker between the two politicians? Was that the venue and material time for him to show his peace maker, and unifying skills? Not really… for he aimed at deflating Mpuuga and Abed at their home turf (Masaka) by showing why they Should be together, and acknowledging how long a time it has taken for him to meet eye to eye with his political competitor.

That is total hypocrisy, depicting how he regards colleagues, for he is a slippery guy changing goal posts to divert the public from pertinent issues. Ofcourse he was on the defensive, something that he could not see given his myopic thinking. 

By trying to come clean after Abeid Bwanika’s Courageous lambasts, telling him off in the open showed how childish and scared Bobi was, ofcourse for he is used to handling conflicts in public especially on stage, and as a musician, he hasnt learnt how to handle dissenters with parallel views..

A true character of the Fire base crew who cherished bashing their sworn enemies (Bebe Cool and Chameleone) with obscene and deroragatory words, sometimes leading to fist fights.

Cheers to Hon Mpuuga, who.only raised his fingers and head in protest after Bobi saying that he apologised to him, of which Mpuuga was forgiven. Bobi should vety well know that Mpuuga didnt utter anything, for he couldn’t right the wrong using a wrong method. 

Can you imagine your business competitor coming to your home and start telling every Tom and Dick plus your own family about your mistakes, showing them that he loves you. A learned person had to brush such stupid defense and offensive statements by keeping a low profile. 

The nation needs Men of steel and substance not driven by the day’s wind and emotions but rationale, patience and mature thinking since what comes out of a person’s mouth cant be reversed. The Masaka burial ceremony was public relations on display. 


Who scored high and acted responsibly is crystal clear for even the blind to see, Kyagulanyi has a lot of home work to do, no sane Ugandan bet on him for the nation’s future. How porous he was in his, decorum by stating no sane Ugandan can bet on him for the nation’s future.

How will the young generation look like while in the hands of a leader so. miscalculate in his words and deeds? A leader with no respect to ethical and moral values, indisciplined and temperamental, that is Bobi presidency. Uganda will be a nation with no moral fibre, and too permissive.

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