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The Uganda Human Rights Commission Has Handed Over The 26th Report On Human Rights To Parliament.


The 26th annual report on the state of Human Rights in Uganda for the year 2023 has been handed over to the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Anitah Among by the commission’s Chair Person.

On what entiles in the report, Mrs. Wagadya appreciated Ugandans for their participation in the Kampala Pothole exhibition led by Dr. Ssentongo, that reveled the ebb state of roads in the Kampala Metropolitan areas,

““A number of roads in Mukono, Wakiso and Kampala Districts (Kampala metropolitan area) are majorly narrow, dusty, and with pot-holes, due to lack of road maintenance. In 2023, social media was awash with citizens decrying the poor roads in Kampala and Wakiso. This led to an online “Kampala pothole exhibition” led by Dr. Spire Ssentongo in April 2023 on Twitter (X) intended to expose the poor conditions of the roads in our country and appeal to Government to address the situation,” the report highlighted.

The Speaker appreciated the work the Commission is doing and she said, “You know you are the bridge between Gov’t & the Opposition and you must make sure that you act professionally for you to gain the public trust. And since you are the bridge, I want you to accept public scrutiny,” she said.

She further revealed that, “People will always criticize and accept them in good faith and see whether what you are doing is correct or not correct, please allow that for the good of our nation. It is good for us to get feedback of what we are doing. Like us in Parliament here, they will talk everything they want to talk, but it is good feedback for us, it shows us in one way or another whether we are doing the good thing or we aren’t doing the correct thing. That will bring sanity in the country.”

Among other things to note from this report, children born out of the war in Nothern Uganda (LRA war), close to 5000 of them are being discriminated and stigmatized in the areas they live. The increased hate speech in Uganda and the human rights violations stateless people face especially when they want to access government documents.


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