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Nick Cannon Shares Heartwarming Video With Alyssa Scott and Daughter Halo, Honors Late Son Zen


Nick Cannon might have a lot of children to take care of 12 to be exact but it appears as though he’s sure to prioritize time with each of them most recently he took to Instagram to share a heartwarming video alongside Alysa Scott and their daughter Halo Halo who the duo

Welcomed in December of 2022 is Canon’s youngest child in the video Scott and Canon are seen walking along a Scenic Shore with baby Halo the sun setting in the distance the parent looked to be filled with joy planting several kisses on each of her cheeks Canon took the

Opportunity to honor his late son with Scott Zen in his caption Zen passed away in 2021 at only 5 months old due to a brain tumor Nick Cannon and Alysa Scott pose with baby Halo Zen’s light and presence shining over Little Miss Halo and mommy and daddy his caption begins

What a beautiful day to remind us all that there is a higher power in God’s energy and frequency to keep us all going under his grace and mercy even in the midst of challenges redart folded H’s medium dark skin tone and its salicine countless fans and even the

Mother of another one of Canon’s kids Bri Tac flooded his comment section with support this is far from the only time followers have seen Zen’s light live on however last month Canon visited a California Children’s Hospital for the holidays in Zen’s honor he dressed up as Santa much to the Delight of young

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Patients Zena’s light shining bright for the holidays thank you to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and everyone who made the day so loving warm and memorable folded hands medium dark skin tone red heart he wrote what do you think about Nick Cannon and Alysa Scott’s adorable new Family Video what

About them honoring their late son Zen share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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