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Saturday Night Live Spoofs Katt Williams’ Club Shay Shay Interview in Hilarious Skit


Saturday Night Live took aim at Cat Williams Club sh Shay interview in its latest episode ego Newton played Williams while Devon Walker played Shannon sharp the skit was build as the 8-hour extended version of the interview three things are true about me I am 5′ 3

In I have never told a lie and I am 6′ 3 in newams Williams says furthermore the skit featured several jokes about Williams comments about Kevin Hart look Hollywood made Kevin Hart everyone knows Kevin Hart was made in the same Factory where they make Teddy Grahams why the

Hell he smell like cinnamon ranted Williams other targets of nm’s Williams included Barack Obama and included Williams claiming he invented fruit furthermore Williams has continued to fuel his post interiew beefs he dropped a freestyle aimed at ludicrous while appearing on sug Knight’s collect call podcast I’m coming for your number one

Spot one of us a killer and the other one is not slash one of us the realist and the other one a fraud SL you heard the interview on Club sh Shay I gave M all a Payday SL I’m still going fking viral so who care what the haters say/

Ludicrous you must be out your Rabbid a mind/ you made a rap song but Anda you ain’t say I’m fking lying Williams wrapped furthermore Williams implied that ludicrous had engaged in a sexual relationship with Quincy Jones Rene and Megan the stallion perform on Saturday Night Live meanwhile Renee rap brought

Out Megan the stallion as part of her Saturday Night Live musical spot the pair performed their collab not my fault which they recorded for the newly released Mean Girls remake the film is not directly a remake of the 2004 film but a blend of the original film and the wildly popular Broadway

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Musical furthermore rap also performed her track snow angel from her album of the same name released last year rap also performed in a sketch during the episode which aired January 20th the main host was Jacob elody who is widely expected to earn an Oscar nod for his role as Elvis Presley in

Priscilla Rachel McAdams also appeared in the episode announcing one of rap’s performances

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