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Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 Tour Earns Rave Reviews and Celebrity Praise


Nicki Minaj is only four shows deep into her Pink Friday two tour and some fans are already saying it’s one of the best they’ve ever seen so far she’s played in Denver Oakland Las Vegas and Seattle with each show being met by rave reviews online fans have praised some of the

Most elaborate theatrics of the presentation they’ve also shown love for the set list which includes some of her beloved favorites and all of her newest hits the newest fan to show love to the tour is none other than BG he took to Instagram following a recent performance

To share some of the photos he took of the night I did what I had to do to do what I want to do his caption begins I attended the ATN kimage and at Monica Denise concert the other night and it was one of the most incredible shows

I’ve ever seen me and my girl emo caught up laughed joked and vibed all night the rest of his post reads BG loved Nicki Minaj’s show at a show on the Pink Friday 2 tour over the weekend Nikki n had a bit of an awkward interaction with

A fan one of her die hards was given the chance to sing the night is still young but it didn’t go as planned when the fan allegedly forgot the lyrics to the song Nikki had to quickly snatch the microphone back the fan in question later took to social media to deny that

They forgot the lyrics at all at an earlier show on tour Nikki was joined by a surprise guest fans were delighted when TAA showed up to perform alongside her Nikki herself seemed pretty excited and took to social media to show him love afterward what do you think of BG’s

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Take on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Tut tour show do you plan on seeing her during one of her tour stops let us know in the comment section below

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