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Sexyy Red Teases Upcoming Music with Nostalgic Soulja Boy Video Clip


Sexy red was one of the biggest breakout stars in all of rap last year and she’s proving she won’t slow down anytime soon she’s already had a pretty big 2024 so far giving birth to her second child the story of her childbirth was spun into a fictionalized version for the visuals of

Her Drake and siza collaboration Rich baby daddy the song dropped last year on Drakes for all the dogs and has been a stable hit in the top 40 of the Hot 100 ever since but now she’s shifting her Focus back to releasing her own new music she got that train started with a

Teaser she shared to Twitter she shared a snippet of new music alongside a video that fit the vibe perfectly the clip she chose is a throwback video of Soulja Boy in 2008 while he’s doing some choreography to a different song in the original video it fits perfectly with the snippet

Red shared the video has already racked up more than 22k likes as fans build up hype for her next release the track doesn’t have a release date yet but it seems to be on the way very soon sexy Red’s dancable new snippet the music video for Rich Baby Daddy has

Spawned a full month of hilarious back and forth between Drake and sexy red online it started when red joked that Drake should have to pay her child support the jokes didn’t stop when Drizzy started buying her designer bags and leaning into the joke that their Association was starting to get

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Expensive it’s probably paying off in the end though as the song has more than 260 million streams on Spotify what do you think of the snippet sexy red shared on Twitter do you think it fits perfectly with the old video of Soulja Boy dancing let us know in the comment section below

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