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Saucy Santana Calls Out Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young for Insensitive Remarks


Saucy Santana has no time for Gilbert Arena finding his friendship with Nick Young funny I really be having to check these end gas WTF is funny about a straight man saying he cool with me I’m one of the realest you’ll ever meet I literally just talked about this weird sht on

LHH and gasby scared of what they Piers gone think btch what’s funny about being cool with me I’m very respectful I on side and gas I on TR and gas I do me and be in my own lane Nick know that that’s why I was the first

Name he mentioned Santana wrote on X however it’s only the latest piece of backlash to stem from Young’s interview with Arenas Patrick Beverly has defended Drea Michelle and Jaylen green after young shared a salacious story about the reality star on Arena’s podcast side note y’all fell not cool

Not at all at gills arena show y’all old ASL talking about another man lady not cool gang at Pat beod Beverly wrote on X formerly Twitter however many people in Beverly’s comments tried to defend young and Arenas saying the two men were just trying to warn green about Michelle

Cameron Shades Nick Young for sharing story about dream Michelle and Gilbert Arenas meanwhile Cameron thought that young was just being plain weird shout out to shabaz OG he made a great point he said yal and gas is not having them morning meetings with yourself in

The mirror you know that 3 second to 33 second meeting with yourself in the mirror cuz y’all and gas is just running around saying everything how is your man getting a in the back seat change your life he getting his DC K sucked pause but it changed your life

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Why are you commenting on that Anda Getting Faded and you wasn’t even getting Fadi Killa asked on it is what it is meanwhile Michelle herself has said that some days she feels like she is struggling to breathe amid the wave of hate she has received over her relationship with Jaylen green

Previously Michelle had shared words from a self-proclaimed Medicine Woman in response to the hate get comfortable being misunderstood only a fraction of people will be able to truly grasp your essence you are not on anyone else’s timeline of comprehension also it’s none of your business how others choose to perceive

You most high sees you clearly let that be enough read

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